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Introducing SHOCK, the non-halogenated oxidizing agent specifically designed for "shock treating" your spa water. With its chlorine and bromine-free formula, SHOCK provides a powerful and effective way to oxidize nitrogenous wastes that can accumulate in your spa. By reducing the demand on your sanitizer used for disinfection, SHOCK helps maintain a clean and balanced water environment.

  • Non-Halogenated Oxidizing Agent: SHOCK does not contain chlorine or bromine, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer non-halogenated water treatment options. It provides the necessary oxidizing power without introducing additional chlorine or bromine to your spa water.
  • Shock Treatment Only: SHOCK is designed specifically for "shock treating" your spa water. It should be used as part of a regular routine to address nitrogenous waste buildup and reduce the demand on your sanitizer. Follow the instructions for dosage and frequency to optimize its effectiveness.
  • Oxidizes Nitrogenous Wastes: Nitrogenous wastes, such as ammonia and urea, can accumulate in spa water over time. SHOCK acts as a powerful oxidizing agent, breaking down and eliminating these wastes, thereby improving water quality and reducing the strain on your sanitizer.
  • Maintains Sanitizer Efficiency: By reducing the demand on your sanitizer, SHOCK helps to maintain its effectiveness in disinfecting your spa water. This ensures that your sanitizer can work more efficiently and provide optimal protection against harmful bacteria and contaminants.
  • Easy to Use: Applying SHOCK to your spa water is a straightforward process. Follow the instructions on the label to add the correct dosage of SHOCK to your spa water. It dissolves quickly and evenly, allowing for effective distribution throughout your spa.
  1. Ensure that your spa water is properly balanced and sanitized before using SHOCK.
  2. Following the instructions on the label, add the recommended amount of SHOCK to your spa water for shock treatment. The dosage will depend on the size of your spa.
  3. Allow SHOCK to circulate in the water for the recommended time, as stated on the label. Make sure to run your spa's filtration system during this time.
  4. Test your spa water regularly to monitor its balance and adjust other chemicals as needed to maintain optimum water quality and sanitization.
  5. Experience the power of non-halogenated oxidation with SHOCK. Designed for shock treating your spa water, this chlorine and bromine-free formula efficiently oxidizes nitrogenous wastes, reducing the demand on your sanitizer and helping maintain a clean and balanced water environment. Easily incorporate SHOCK into your spa maintenance routine for effective results and enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable spa experience.

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