A Centerpiece of Worship

A Coast Spas Pure Baptismal Tank is not just a functional item;
it is a centerpiece that enhances the worship space. It stands as a physical
representation of faith’s journey, inviting reflection and reverence. Whether
set against a backdrop of stained glass or the simple elegance of a chapel, it
enriches the aesthetic of your sacred space.

Elevate Your Sacred Moments with Coast Spas BaptismalTanks

In the journey of faith, baptism represents a profound and
sacred step. It signifies purification, rebirth, and the profound bond between
the individual and the divine. Understanding the depth of this moment, Coast
Spas is proud to introduce Pure Baptismal Tank, designed to
enrich this holy sacrament with dignity, respect, and the serene beauty it deserves.

Craftsmanship Meets Spirituality

Our Pure Baptismal Tank is more than just structures; it is a
meticulously crafted vessel that honors the sanctity of Baptism. With Coast
Spas’ legacy of exceptional quality and innovative design, each tank is built
to facilitate a serene and dignified baptismal ceremony. From the gentle curves that embrace the baptized to the tranquil flow of water, every detail is thoughtfully considered to create a sacred space that is both beautiful and functional.

Safety and Accessibility

With an unwavering commitment to safety and accessibility,
Coast Spas’ Pure Baptismal Tank is designed to ensure ease of use for both officiants and participants. Anti-slip surfaces provide stability and confidence, allowing the focus to remain on the spiritual significance of the baptism.

Investing in a Legacy

Choosing a Coast Spas Pure Baptismal Tank is an investment in the
spiritual life and legacy of your congregation. It is a place where individuals
begin their faith journey, witnessed by their community. With Coast Spas, you
are not just buying a tank; you are creating a sacred space that will be part
of your congregation’s story for generations to come.

Begin Your Journey with Coast Spas

We invite you to elevate the baptismal experience within
your congregation with a Coast Spas Pure Baptismal Tank. Embrace the beauty, dignity, and tranquility of baptism with Coast Spas, where every moment is crafted with care.


    Ensuring the arrival of your vessel of spiritual rebirth at your doorstep without any additional cost. Embrace the purity of the moment free from worry about extra fees.


    Stay protected against unforeseen defects or issues. Dive into the spiritual journey of Baptism with confidence, supported by our commitment to quality and reliability.

    Download Warranty Information here


    Embark on your spiritual journey sooner with our Pure Baptismal Tank, designed to ship within just 6 weeks. Experience the anticipation of your sacred vessel's arrival, knowing that your baptismal preparations will proceed swiftly and smoothly.

innovative feature

Largest Baptismal Submersion Area

Experience the ultimate baptismal experience with our largest submersion area, offering ample space for the meaningful ceremony. Our expansive design ensures comfort and accessibility, accommodating individuals of all ages and sizes, as they embark on their spiritual journey of faith.

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Plexiglass Baptismal Viewing Window

Enhance your baptismal experience with our Plexiglass Viewing Window, providing congregants a clear view of the transformative ceremony, fostering deeper community connection and understanding.


Anti-slip Textured Steps

Ensure safety and serenity in your sacred ceremonies with our Pure Baptismal Tank's anti-slip textured steps and floors. Designed for both elegance and safety, they provide a secure grip to prevent slips, making every step towards baptism secure and graceful. Perfect for a dignified and worry-free baptism experience

innovative feature

Quick Drain Tech™

Experience enhanced cleanliness and convenience with our Quick Drain Tech for Pure Baptismal Tanks. This advanced draining system allows for swift water replacement, ensuring a clean and sacred space with minimal downtime. Perfect for maintaining the purity of your baptismal ceremonies.


Ozone+ Water Sterilizer Combination System

Enhance your Pure Baptismal Tank with our Ozone+ Water Sterilizer Combination System, blending UV sterilization and Ozone purification for unmatched water purity. This advanced technology ensures the water is clean and safe, maintaining the sanctity of ceremonies and health of participants with ease.


Digital Control Panel

Streamline your baptismal experience with our Digital Control Panel. Simple and intuitive, it lets you easily adjust temperature, filtration, and settings for the perfect ceremony. Designed for ease of use, it ensures optimal baptismal conditions at the touch of a button.


Water Suction

The Pure Baptismal Tank features a fast and efficient water suction system, designed for quick removal and minimal downtime. Perfect for maintaining cleanliness and readiness with ease, ensuring a seamless ceremony experience.


Water Return Jets

The Pure Baptismal Tank includes a water return jet, circulating clean and warm water efficiently for a consistently pristine and comfortable ceremony environment.

Manufactured by Coast Spas

Our Pure Baptismal Tank are proudly manufactured in Canada at our Langley, British Columbia location. The Pure Baptismal Tanks are meticulously crafted with precision and care, embodying the purity and solemnity of the baptismal rite.

With almost three decades of expertise in creating high-quality spas, Coast Spas brings its renowned craftsmanship and innovative design to each Pure Baptismal Tank. We are dedicated to providing serene and meaningful baptismal experiences through tanks that not only enhance spiritual ceremonies but also serve as a testament to durability and elegance.

Trust in Pure Baptismal Tanks by Coast Spas to offer an unparalleled blend of quality, beauty, and functionality for your sacred spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pure Baptismal Tank?

Our Pure Baptismal Tank is a specially designed structure used for the sacrament of baptism constructed from high-quality materials ensuring purity and durability.

How is a Pure Baptismal Tank different from a regular baptismal tank?

Our Pure Baptismal Tank is distinguished by the focus on materials that ensure water purity and hygiene, featuring advanced filtration which is the Ozone+ Water Sterilizer. Our tank is designed with anti-slip features that prioritize safety. Unlike regular baptismal tanks which may not prioritize these aspects.

What materials are used to construct a Pure Baptismal Tank?

Our Pure Baptismal Tanks use reinforced fiberglass, dense acrylic, Coast Shieldfor durability, corrosion resistance, and water purity.

Can our Pure Baptismal Tank be installed indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely, our Pure Baptismal Tanks can be installed both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility in placement based on the preferences and space availability of the religious community.

What maintenance is required for a Pure Baptismal Tank?

Regular maintenance of our Pure Baptismal Tank involves cleaning, monitoring water quality, and servicing filtration systems as needed to ensure optimal hygiene and functionality.

How often should the water in a Pure Baptismal Tank be changed?

The frequency of water changes in our Pure Baptismal Tank may vary depending on usage and water quality standards, but generally, it's recommended to change the water periodically to maintain cleanliness and purity.

Are there any special filtration systems used in the Pure Baptismal Tank?

Yes, our Pure Baptismal Tank incorporates an Ozone+ Sterilizer advanced filtration system which combines UV sterilization and Ozone purification, to ensure the water remains clean and free from impurities.

What is the warranty period for the Pure Baptismal Tank?

Our Pure Baptismal Tank has a guaranteed 1 year warranty. Download the Warranty Card here

How much does it cost to ship the Pure Baptismal Tank to me?

We offer FREE SHIPPING once you purchase our Pure Baptismal Tank for locations in Canada and contiguous USA.