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 m. Patterson

We use our Pure Baptismal Tank during Baptism Rites and it works a lot better than the one we had before which was inflatable and difficult to clean 

St. Mary Catholic Church, Texas


K. lennon

Our Pure Baptismal Tank is very easy to use. We ordered one without cabinets since we wannted an in-ground installation and we didn't have a hard time sorting it out.

Church of Christ, Illinios


T. Keifer

I recently purchased the Pure Baptismal Tank for our small community church, and I must say, it has been nothing short of a heavenly experience. The water purification system ensures that the water is always clean and clear, providing a sense of purity and sanctity to the baptismal ceremonies.
St. Andrew's School of Faith, Dallas


S. Coleman

Adding the Pure Baptismal Tank to our church has transformed our baptism services. The LED lighting system that changes colors to match the liturgical calendar is a beautiful touch, enhancing the solemnity and celebration of the sacrament.

Church of the Lord, Kansas


J. Smith

I was skeptical at first, given the modern features of the Pure Baptismal Tank, wondering if it might detract from the traditional aspect of baptism. However, it has exceeded all my expectations. The water feels blessed and pure, and the facility to adjust settings for each ceremony makes it feel personal and sacred. It has been a beautiful addition to our church.
St. Matthew's Parish, Surrey


R. Leighmann

It's spacious enough to accommodate adults comfortably, yet it doesn't take up too much space. Our parishioners have given us so much positive feedback. It's definitely a game-changerThe elegance and functionality of the Pure Baptismal Tank are unmatched.

Latter Day Saints, West Key


Baptismal Rites

Baptismal Rites hold a paramount place in the spiritual life of both the church and its congregation. These sacred ceremonies represent a cornerstone of faith, symbolizing purification, rebirth, and the profound bond between the individual and the divine community.

For a church, the Baptismal Rite is a moment of celebration, unity, and renewal, serving as a visible sign of the congregation's commitment to its faith and to each other. In this context, Coast Spas can add remarkable value by enhancing the baptismal experience. Designed with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, Coast Spas provide a serene and dignified setting for these significant rites. 

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Dive into Faith Rebirth, Celebrate with the Congregation

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Our Pure Baptismal Tanks are proudly manufactured in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, our products embody the quality, craftsmanship, and innovation that this spectacular region is renowned for. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, we harness the best of local resources and talent, ensuring that each item not only meets but exceeds global standards. From the lush landscapes of B.C., we bring you products that are truly a testament to Canadian ingenuity and durability.

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