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Introducing SECURE, the weekly solution for preventing scale and stains in your spa or pool. SECURE is not only a scale and stain preventative, but it also provides protection for your heater. This environmentally-friendly product is phosphate-free, making it a safe and effective choice for maintaining a clean and well-maintained water environment.

  • Scale and Stain Prevention: SECURE is specifically formulated to prevent scale buildup in your spa or pool. By using SECURE weekly, you can proactively protect your water surfaces from unsightly scale formations, ensuring a clean and crystal clear appearance.
  • Heater Protection: In addition to preventing scale, SECURE offers protection for your heater. It forms a protective barrier that helps to prevent mineral buildup and prolong the life of your heater, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.
  • Phosphate-Free Formula: SECURE is an environmentally-friendly product that does not contain phosphates. This makes it a safer alternative for your water and ensures that you're using a product that is gentle on the environment.
  • Easy to Use: Using SECURE is a hassle-free process. Simply follow the instructions on the label to add the recommended amount of product to your spa or pool water on a weekly basis. SECURE dissolves quickly and thoroughly, ensuring even distribution throughout your water.
  • Compatible with Other Products: SECURE is designed to be compatible with all other pool and spa products, making it a versatile choice for your water maintenance needs. You can use SECURE alongside your current water care routine without any issues.
  1. Ensure that your spa or pool water is properly balanced and sanitized before using SECURE.
  2. Following the instructions on the label, add the recommended amount of SECURE to your spa or pool water. The dosage will depend on the size of your water body.
  3. Allow SECURE to circulate in the water for the recommended time, as stated on the label.
  4. Run your spa or pool's filtration system to ensure proper distribution and filtration of the product.
  5. Monitor your water quality regularly and adjust other chemicals as needed to maintain balance and sanitization.
  6. Choose SECURE for a scale and stain-free water environment that's protected against mineral buildup. With its environmentally-friendly formula and heater protection benefits, SECURE is the ideal choice for weekly preventative maintenance in your spa or pool. Trust SECURE to keep your water clean, clear, and free from scale and stains, allowing you to enjoy a prolonged lifespan for your spa or pool heater.

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