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Introducing Harmonize, the ultimate solution for premium oxidation and multipurpose conditioning of your spa water. Specially blended to remove undesirable compounds, eliminate odors, clarify spa water, and create a soft silky feel, Harmonize is the go-to product for maintaining a pristine spa experience.

  • Premium Oxidation and Multipurpose Conditioning: Harmonize is expertly formulated to provide premium oxidation and multipurpose conditioning for your spa water. It effectively removes undesirable compounds, eliminates odors, and clarifies the water, leaving it crystal clear and refreshing. With Harmonize, you can enjoy the ultimate spa experience.
  • Soft Silky Feel: Harmonize is designed to create a soft and silky feel in your spa water, enhancing your overall comfort and relaxation. Its conditioning properties leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and moisturized, allowing you to fully unwind and enjoy your spa time.
  • pH Neutral: Harmonize helps to buffer your spa water without increasing the pH. This ensures that your water remains balanced and prevents any undesirable fluctuations, providing a stable and enjoyable spa environment.
  • High Active Chlorine Content: With 15% active chlorine content, Harmonize is a powerful product that effectively sanitizes your spa water, ensuring it is free from harmful bacteria and contaminants. This high level of active chlorine gives you confidence in the cleanliness and safety of your spa.
  • Easy to Use: Harmonize is designed for ease of use. Simply follow the recommended dosing instructions to achieve optimal results. Its concentrated formula ensures that you get the most out of each bottle, making it a cost-effective choice for maintaining your spa.
  1. Ensure that your spa's water is balanced, including pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.
  2. Shake the bottle of Harmonize well before use.
  3. Add the recommended amount of Harmonize to your spa water, following the instructions on the label.
  4. Turn on the spa's circulation system to allow the product to distribute evenly throughout the water.
  5. Allow the water to circulate for at least 15 minutes before using the spa.
  6. Test the water regularly using a spa water testing kit to ensure the sanitizer and pH levels are within the recommended range.

Experience premium oxidation, multipurpose conditioning, and a soft silky feel with Harmonize. Enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, clearer, and more comfortable spa environment. Choose Harmonize for reliable spa water care that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

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