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Filter Free

Filter Free

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Introducing Filter Free, the ultimate solution to deep clean your spa filter cartridges. The product is expertly formulated to remove dirt, debris, oils and scale in a quick and effective manner leaving your filter sparkling clean. With Filter Free, your spa will operate at its best capacity, and you can enjoy clean, healthy water.

  • Deep Cleansing: Filter Free is a highly effective cleaner that works quickly to strip away oils, dirt, debris, and scale that has built up in your filter cartridges. Its deep cleaning action restores the performance of your filter, and in turn, helps to keep your spa or hot tub water crystal clear and sparkling clean.
  • High-Quality Formulation: The product is expertly formulated and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. You can trust that you are using a reliable and effective product to deep clean your filter cartridges.
  • Easy to Use: Filter Free is designed for ease of use. Simply mix the product with water in a bucket or container, add your filter cartridge and let it soak for several hours. After soaking, rinse thoroughly with water to remove all traces of the solution.
  • Safe for Regular Use: Filter Free is safe for regular use and will not deteriorate your filter. This makes it a reliable and safe solution for maintaining a clean and healthy spa.
  • Cost-Effective: The product is available in a concentrated formula which means that you get more cleaning power for your money. This makes Filter Free a smart and cost-effective choice for anyone who wants to keep their spa filter operating at its best.
  1. Remove the filter/cartridge from your spa equipment.
  2. Mix 1 part Filter Free to 3 parts water.
  3. Place the filter cartridge in a clean plastic container.
  4. Pour the solution over the filter, ensuring that it is completely immersed.
  5. Soak the filter/cartridge for several hours to allow the product to break down dirt and debris.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the filter with clean water to remove all traces of the solution.
  7. Allow the filter to dry completely before reinserting it into your spa.

Enjoy the benefits of a deep-cleaned spa filter cartridge with Filter Free. Experience a highly effective and safe solution that restores your filter's performance and enhances the quality of your spa water. Choose Filter Free for deep cleaning results and maximum value for your money.

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