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Say goodbye to the hassle of maintaining your spa's bromine levels with Coast Spas EZ BROM, the one-step granular bromine concentrate. Designed to provide instant sanitization, EZ BROM offers a convenient and effective way to keep your spa water clean and safe for use.

  • Easy Application: Simply add Coast Spas EZ BROM directly to your spa's bather-free water with the circulation system running, and you're done! No complicated dosing procedures or extensive maintenance required.
  • Instant Sanitization: EZ BROM is designed to provide instant sanitization, eliminating bacteria and other harmful substances from your spa water. This ensures a clean, clear and safe spa experience.
  • Concentrated Formula: EZ BROM is highly concentrated, allowing for efficient and effective sanitation with smaller dosage requirements.
  • Versatile Use: EZ BROM is suitable for use in hot tubs, whirlpools, and other small water bodies.
  • High-Quality Formulation: Our advanced formula ensures maximum efficacy and superior performance, delivering optimal spa water sanitation and clarity.
  1. Begin by testing your spa water using a suitable bromine test kit to determine the existing bromine levels.
  2. Ensure all bathers have exited the spa and the circulation system is running before adding EZ BROM directly to the water.
  3. For best results, add 1 oz of EZ BROM per 250 gallons of spa water to achieve a residual of 3 to 5 ppm.
  4. Regularly test the bromine levels in your spa water and adjust as needed to maintain the recommended 3 to 5 ppm residual concentration.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of EZ BROM in keeping your spa water clean, clear and free from bacteria. Protect your Coast Spas Investment and enjoy a worry-free Coast Spas Experience with our trusted bromine solution.

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